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There's always been a large debate in feminist circles over the question of what to say about women who fuck just to pay the bills. Notice, I didn't say like to fuck just to pay the bills. Often, these women (whether they're prostitutes, call girls, or just women who have found that their sexual prowess is worth more than their words) don't necessarily enjoy what they do, they do it.

It's certainly very easy to pass judgement on women who fuck to pay the bills. They're immorral, they're loose, they're whores. By definition, these are even accurate.

There are a lot of other things that are pretty key to know about sex workers, though. For example, according to the Prostitutes Education Network, approximately 50% of street prostitutes are use or are addicted to illicit drugs and more than 50% of those women became addicted prior to beginning sex work. Additionally, sex workers disproportionately come from low-income families and generally have a lower-level of education than the general population.

Certainly, it's very easy for those of us who aren't addicted to hard drugs, who haven't lived an entire life of poverty, who haven't been told that their minds and selves were worth nothing, and who have virtually no skills or education to pass judgement on these women. It's very easy to demonize people who engage in activities that we don't approve of, but it's also very easy to ignore the circumstances under which these women enter into sex work.

The question, for me, ends up not being "What's wrong with them?" but "What's wrong with a society where women's pussy is more of a money-maker than her mind?"