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There was a point in time when she knew who she was. She's quite certain of that.

There was a time, a long time ago, when she could tell you what she wanted, what she needed, and where she was going. With the certainty of the child that she was, she just knew and she couldn't wait to tell you.

Somewhere along the way, somewhere in that nebulous gray area between being a child and being an adult, she got lost.

Somewhere, she learned to turn her confident stride into a dainty little saunter (boys don't like girls too confident). Somewhere, she learned to forget her mind and focus on her tits. Somewhere, that little girl with themouth that never stopped was turned into a silent woman, like so many other women.

Her voice was silenced by the same people that told her how much they loved her - they called killing her will "growing up." Finally, she was beaten down so far that she no longer remembered that little girl ever existed - the one that wanted to be the first woman President of the US, the one that never believed that anyone was better than her.

She stopped eating, substituting chain smoking and cutting for meals ... she got lost, just like so many other women with far fewer things going for them.

You see, women don't have to be stupid, poor, lazy, or slutty to lose their souls ... for some, they just have to be women.

When I look around, I see so much pain that mirrors my own ...