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I appreciate any feedback you'd care to send me — writing style, word choice and grammar nits are welcome, as are requests for writeups on particular topics. I'm not so good with sweet white wines because they make me ill, but other than that if there's something you'd like to see, give me a prod.

I do downvote occasionally, but I'll send an explanation by message if I do. Drive-by downvoting is worthless (and being on the receiving end of anonymous systematic downvoting is highly annoying). I don't usually vote on non-factuals unless they're really really bad — I'd rather focus on promoting good stuff than trying to get involved in silly subjective artistic pissing contests.

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Since I get asked this fairly regularly... The proper full width dashes I use — like this — are made using — (or — if you prefer names). Quotation leader dashes are ― or ― (you can see an example in this writeup). I got into the habit of using proper punctuation symbols when I was writing a few articles for publication — I do my editing in Vim, where it's easy to map -- to the correct HTML entity automatically.

An ellipsis (three horizontal dots) should be … or …. I don't always remember to do these correctly because I don't have a map for it…

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The spelling of my username is entirely intentional. It's a very long story involving gmail, an obscure Laika demo CD and a bottle of Calvados.

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If you have votes to spare, please consider having a look at my least voted-upon writeups. According to a slightly hacked version of Homenode List Generator:

5 Most C!ed Writeups
1 autoerotic depontication 6C!
2 Screw-cap wine 6C!
3 Try cock 5C!
4 cooking oil 5C!
5 carving knife 4C!

5 Most Voted-Upon Writeups
5C! Try cock 1
6C! autoerotic depontication 2
2C! Bombay mix 3
British Standard Handful 4
6C! Screw-cap wine 5

5 Least Voted-Upon Writeups
1 Demonstrator 1C!
2 Touraine
3 (tied) Vouvray 1C!
3 (tied) Vesuvio 1C!
3 (tied) Text objects

5 Highest Goodness Writeups
1C! udev 1
5C! cooking oil 2
2C! Fountain pen cartridge 3
2C! Diamine (tied) 4
3C! room temperature (tied) 4

5 Lowest Goodness Writeups
1 Try cock 5C!
2 autoerotic depontication 6C!
3 Lamb with cream, mint and mustard
4 British Standard Handful
5 September 9, 2005

5 Most Reputable Writeups
6C! autoerotic depontication 1
6C! Screw-cap wine 2
2C! Bombay mix 3
5C! Try cock (tied) 4
5C! cooking oil (tied) 4

5 Least Reputable Writeups
1 (tied) Lamb with cream, mint and mustard
1 (tied) Demonstrator 1C!
3 Touraine
4 (tied) Vouvray 1C!
4 (tied) Text objects

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I use the ekw theme with the following settings:

ekw_headingfont="Georgia, serif";
ekw_textfont="Georgia, serif";

It's a slate blue scheme with very dark grey text that's fairly easy on the eyes.