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For myself (cos I never remember it):

Yes, I have strong opinions on a lot of things, and I will not apologize for them.

Love, Respect and Trust.

My personal recipe to earn an eternal life (or, at least make this mortal life a good one):

  • Believe in yourself, and your fellow Man
  • Help yourself do good, without causing harm to others
  • Help those close to you do good, too

/me likes the following E2'ers (for one reason or another):

My favourite stupid joke:

A girl comes from school and goes to his father, "Daddy, I got this homework assignment but, I can't do it; I should write an essay about the difference between anger and rage, could you help me?"

"Umm, okay... I do know the difference, basically, but it's a bit hard to explain. Let me demonstrate the difference in action. Go pick up the bedroom phone and listen quietly", the father tells his daughter to do.

The father picks up the phonebook, shuffles through it with his eyes closed, points at a phone number with his finger and then proceeds to call that number.

After a couple of seconds, a man answers the phone. "Yes, hello?" he says.

"Hi, it's Jake, is John home?", the father asks.

"I'm sorry, you must've picked the wrong number, there doesn't live anyone named John here", the man replies.

"Oh, sorry, yeah my bad. G'day", the father says and hangs up.

Immediately after hanging up, he picks up the phone again, and redials the same number. Once again, the man answers and the father says the exact same line as before.

"Why goddamnit I just told you there isn't anyone named John at this number!" the man exclaims and hangs up on the father.

"Okay, honey, you there? Now, that was an example of anger. Now, let's try rage", the father says to his daughter over the phone.

Once again, he redials the very same number. After a couple of seconds, a clearly distressed man's voice answers the phone, and the father says:

"Well hi, it's John here, has Jake called? ..."