There isn't much in this life, currently, that would make me feel as happy and as confident as dancing to atmospheric trance in a party. It takes a bit of warming up at first but, once the dance-gear switches on, there is no stopping me. It's almost an on/off switch and in time I've learned to recognize and enhance the feeling when it's coming on.

Very little light; just some scanners and strobes, some smoke and a 5' by 3' space on the dancefloor, a good dj who can read the crowd, playing good atmospheric trance and I'm truly in ecstasy, without stimulants.

Thick but light sound blankets with friendly, spacey, wavey, oscillating sounds combined with the CEVs caused by dancing with my eyes closed in the light of the strobes and all the other people around me enjoying the music in their own unique way, set and state of mind is all it takes.

Sure, people often take it for granted that I'm on drugs, because of my broad smile and dancing with my eyes closed. Sometimes people even come talk to me about buying some of whatever it is I've had that night and everytime, much to their disappointment, I've told them to just "be the music".

That's the only way I can describe the feeling: I become the music.