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If the guy you're trying to manipulate is a geek you should be getting a quite different reaction.

A geek should start off with the "refuse to accept the possibility that the person wearing it is anything more than a stupid girl" attitude. This is because girls wearing short skirts tend to provide a lot of evidence in this direction. Also due to geek ego, which states that 99% of the population is inferior. Couple that with with the other geek problems that keep most girls far away, and you have geeks who think all girls, especially the hot ones, are stupid.

But once you start tossing jargon around like The New Hacker's Dictionary sprung a leak, you'll have a geek who is very happy, and probably quite suddenly shy instead of obnoxious.

(Short skirt == good)
(Big Brain === good)

if( (short skirt)&&(big brain) ) hormones*=hormones;