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The story is simple: I'm a Terp, an e2hon, and a noder. I want to meet other noders at or affiliated with UMCP. So, I say we have a nodermeet in College Park next week.

  • Venue: RJ Bentley's
  • Location: On Rt 1, near the corner of Rt 1 and Knox Rd. in College Park, MD
  • Date: Tuesday, Sept. 28th
  • Time: 6:00 pm

So bring your Molotov cocktails and gas masks and come on down. We'll hang out and those who want to can eat. Bentley's is both restaurant and bar, but they claim they will admit underage patrons until 9pm, which should work out ok. Perhaps later we'll rip down some goal posts and use them to charge a police car...ah, tradition.

So come on down for some good wholesome fun. I expect to see UMCP people there, since you can walk from campus. Otherwise I'll find out who your TA is and convince them to fail you. Other e2hons are also encouraged to attend. If you drive in, be sure to bring change for the meters ( $0.50/hr.).

More info about Bentley's:

R J Bentley's Restaurant
(301) 277-8898
7323 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD 20740

See you all there. After all, now could be your only chance to torch a police car.

Probable attendees: unperson, saram, Nailbunny, Jurph +/- guests, ameriwire, Randofu, Yurei, and more tba.

Possible attendees (expressed interest before): NotFabio