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What's been happening:

January 25, 2004

The following writeup under "death penalty" was nuked by Cletus the Foetus, apparently because its low reputation "informed" said editor that the writeup has no place on E2.

    What makes it rational and reasonable to want a murderer put to death is simply this:

    The price a society exacts for the crime of murder is the value that society places on human life.

    Example: If the penalty for killing a person was a dollar, then a dollar is what it would cost you to kill me if you were caught. You could make a calculation that killing me was worth a dollar and go ahead and do it. In such a society, life would be cheap (worth a dollar).

    In a society with the death penalty, the price of taking a human life is infinite (your life), so the value of human life in that society is infinite, as is appropriate (since to me, my life is of infinite value, since all other values depend on me having that one).

    All civilized societies must have a death penalty, since with it comes the recognition of the value of an individual life.

    Beverley Eyre, June 22, 2000

Noded with author's express permission.

April 12, 2002

40+ of my writeups were nuked over the past few days on grounds that they were cut & paste copyright violations. This included the node all in favor of "gun control" raise your right hand which contained a one-sentence quotation each by Hitler, Himmler, and Jefferson, and was at +7 reputation, and also people who argue, using terms they refuse to define, which was a 1 sentence quotation by Ayn Rand at +13. I submitted a nuke request for Noam Chomsky on Private Tyrannies -- Corporations, Noam Chomsky On Capitalism, and Noam Chomsky on Propaganda on the grounds that they were copy & paste and copyright violations. My nuke request was nuked and a few hours later an editor added to it "copy and paste, yes, but are they in the public domain?"

I noded again all in favor of "gun control" raise your right hand, which got nuked and I got cursed. Quotations by Jefferson, Himmler, and Hitler are in public domain. My Ayn Rand excerpts were "not substantial in length" compared to the original works and constitute fair use.

2002.04.13 jessicapierce says Dude. At this point you've raised enough editorial hackles that I'd urge you to never, ever, ever again post a wu consisting of only a quotation.

2002.04.13 jessicapierce says A wu consisting only of an un-explicated quote is rarely a good idea. Old ones may be permitted to stay but new ones are rarely if ever allowed. This applies to everyone; you're just a frequent violator.