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Here is an CGI calculator script, cgicalc.scm, that exploits Scheme's arbitrary-precision arithmetic.

":";exec /usr/local/bin/mzscheme -r $0

;Load the CGI utilities
(load-relative "cgi.scm")

(define uhoh #f)

(define calc-eval
  (lambda (e)
    (if (pair? e)
        (apply (ensure-operator (car e))
               (map calc-eval (cdr e)))
        (ensure-number e))))

(define ensure-operator
  (lambda (e)
    (case e
      ((+) +)
      ((-) -)
      ((*) *)
      ((/) /)
      ((**) expt)
      (else (uhoh "unpermitted operator")))))

(define ensure-number
  (lambda (e)
    (if (number? e) e
        (uhoh "non-number"))))

(define print-form
  (lambda ()
    (display "<form action=\"")
    (display (getenv "SCRIPT_NAME"))
    (display "\">
  Enter arithmetic expression:<br>
  <input type=textarea name=arithexp><p>
  <input type=submit value=\"Evaluate\">
  <input type=reset value=\"Clear\">

(define print-page-begin
  (lambda ()
    (display "content-type: text/html

    <title>A Scheme Calculator</title>

(define print-page-end
  (lambda ()
    (display "</body>



(let ((e (form-data-get "arithexp")))
  (unless (null? e)
    (let ((e1 (car e)))
      (display-html e1)
      (display "<p>
        (lambda (k)
          (set! uhoh
                (lambda (s)
                  (k (string-append "Error: " s))))
           (calc-eval (read (open-input-string (car e))))))))
      (display "<p>"))))


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