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The Chaser is an Australian satirical group that started in 1999 as a newspaper "produced out of a spare bedroom", and has since moved on to radio and TV, as well as online, notably with www.silly2000.com, a shot at the Sydney Olympics. Their most notable TV works have been CNNNN (Chaser Nonstop News Network), The Chaser Decides (before an Australian election) and, of late, The Chaser's War On Everything. Six members currently appear on the TV show - Craig Reucassel, Chris Taylor, Chas Licciardello, Charles Firth, Andrew Hansen and Julian Morrow.

I don't like them.

They were OK at the start, like when they were making CNNNN, but weekly TV for 27 weeks in 2006 seems to have turned them pretty bad. Some of their "satirical" stunts have included walking into several retailers with stockings on their head, walking down the street in broad daylight in KKK clothing, and selling knives at a Western Bulldogs AFL game. This week, one of them even posed as the Dalai Lama, since His Holiness is in Australia this week.

I'm waiting for Everything's War on The Chaser. Seriously. (They're that bad that they don't deserve "person" status in this writeup.)