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cooking breakfast, slacking off, understanding, realizing implications, love, lust, and bouts of nostalgia not my own
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"The message is, Things are simple." -
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August 15, 2003
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I saw a god on, the other day.
There's many here, goddesses, asuras and sages, and Heroes of old.
If some unmask, and try to come off as ordinary people, do not believe them. They channel. I wander among them, dazed and grateful, following their traces in the gel.
I am a stray madman at a faire, with hungry eyes and not a penny in my pocket. But! Nobody knows that this bundle of rags that I'm clutching is actually jewelled clockwork songbirds in golden cages, with byzantine puzzle locks.
Perhaps someday I'll make friends with her Grace the written word, unlock the cages, and sell the birds.
Then I'll buy silk ribbons and candy, for everyone.

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  • Sailing
    • 2002 Louis Vuitton Cup
  • Science Fiction (saves)
    • Brothers Strugatskii (in progress) - biography, complete bibliography, book reviews, translations from Russian.
  • 8-bit RPGs (Unresolved nostalgia or scholarly investigations made for game designer posterity? And beer!)
    • Classifying CRPGs and CRPG types: an attempt to bring order to the world of computer- and console-based RPGs (complete with a handy ascii map of RPG-space).
    • Reviewing CRPGs: expands upon the noding convention (now superceded by Video Game FAQ) for video game reviews, to include more RPG-specific information.
    • NES RPGs: a listing of all RPGs for the NES platform, listed by category.
    • NES Rarity Listing (in progress, text complete, formatting): listing all the cartriges released for the NES system, by rarity, year and publisher.
  • Technolust
    • smalltalk: rant, programming language review, and musings on Lost Technology of the Ancients (tm), all in one.
    • AIs are Coming! (in progress, outline complete).
  • Bits and Pieces

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