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Something happened today that I thought would never happen here.

Someone recently posted a list of personal details about someone that is very dear to me; someone who does not have an account here (as far as I know) and cannot defend themselves. I have messaged this user to let them know that I consider it inappropriate. They also list many people equally close to me and talk about love. I'm not sure they really understand love, or hate. I understand both.


So, to that person, I say this. You recently enquired after me. I am fine. I am fine as long as you stay out of my life, my business, my family and my friends. But by posting that you have made a mistake, because you name so many people close to me and give away potentially identifying information. I have already spoken to a few of these people. The response from one of them is as follows: "I’m tempted to open an account so I can say just how inappropriate that was."

What the fuck were you thinking?

I can't force you to do anything. But posting a list of names of people with any identifying information is not appropriate. I'm asking you to take it down. You need never contact me again either directly or indirectly. You need never write again about me, my family, or my friends.

You will note how much care I took not to include identifying information here. No matter my feelings I'm not one to doxx another.


To the rest of you, I'm sorry to bring this tiny glimpse of my dark side in here; I hope you never see it again.