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I stay at my friend Ryan's sometimes, especially after a big boozin' Saturday night. I wake up in a less savory part of town, not as bad as where I used to live, but rough for Florida.

Across the street from his house there is a Baptist church and I see a familiar swarm of followers going in on these particuliar Sunday mornings. Their service is long, and if I haven't gotten my head on straight yet, I'm probably still sitting there as they stream out. I can recognize many of them by this point.

Last weekend, I saw some of the younger guys, three of them actually, get arrested for running out of the liquor store with eight cases of beer. I know it was them, two of them had on the same shirts I had seen that morning as they lined up to shake hands with the minister.

So my question is, is faith something that only lingers for a few hours, keeps us in check for a small amount of time before we can get on with our business of stealing and other assorted mischief? Can we wash it off, does it wear off like medication? Or is it all just a big show like I originally thought?