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Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi. Born August 3, 1986 to HRH Princess Caroline of Monaco and Stefano Casiraghi (a wealthy Italian who died in a 1990 boating accident), Charlotte is named for her great-grandmother Princess Charlotte of Monaco. Her stepfather is HRH Prince Ernst August of Hanover. Her grandfather is HSH Prince Rainier III, the crown prince of Monaco, of the Grimaldi royal family. Charlotte’s grandmother on her mother’s side was the American actress Grace Kelly (who died in a car accident). Charlotte was born in Monaco, and has also lived in the French town of Saint-Remy. She currently lives in the town of Fontainebleau, outside of Paris.

Charlotte is well known by followers of the paparazzi. She participates in many equestrian competitions, and has been known to make appearances, along with her mother, at fashionable events.

Because her father was not royal, Charlotte does not actually have a royal title. Although she is often referred to as "Princess Charlotte", she is not actually a princess.

Other facts:

Credit to: hrhzararivera’s Geocities page. Additional info from other Yahoo Groups and various photos.