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this was in response to Kielle's writeup

You forgot one:


Even though are in the age of disposable marriages, divorce ain't that common yet, and so chances are there are children involved. Do us all a favour -- if you you think there is even a sligh possibility you'd separate before your children are dead, don't have kids. It's easier for eveyone.

No matter how much you think you're cushioning the blow, or trying to take their feelings into account or sugar-coating it, parents getting a divorce is going to be a guaranteed mind-fuck on any young'uns involved. Sure, they can get over it, but they will never get over it.

You think it's hard loosing a spouse? Imagine having your entire life completely destroyed; the only solid thing you've ever know no longer existing. It puts you in limbo. It destroys self-esteem, self-worth and will forever make then (at least a little bit more) cynical towards the whole prospect of marriage.

Ok, here's the thing, please don't fucking do this.