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I dreamed I was delivering something to my friend myk's house. The door was open, but no one was home. I hear barking. Ack! No, wait, surely myk has just rigged his computer to play a .wav file of a barking dog when the door opens and the mouse jiggles. No, wait, there's a giant white poodle running at me! AHHHHH!

note: I have a dire fear of poodles, ever since a big black poodle knocked me down when I was seven and, no joke, carrying a basket of goodies to grandma's house.

Fortunately, ziola is holding the leash of the killer poodle and all is well. She is on patrol, lest the evil raver-receptionists show up again. Ever since kind-hearted myk let them in once, they keep sneaking in and having a bizarre salon of sorts and wrecking the place. Ooh! We wander outside, chatting, and sure enough, they sneak in! But she chases them out with her dogs. Myk shows up, and others, including p_i. "Hey guys, we could live HERE!" sez myk. "No, no, it's just a one bedroom." sez p_i.