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An Artifact, created by Thomas Miller as part of The Adventurers saga.
This Large Axe is highly magical, and is of special use in the hands of dwarves. It is rumored to have belonged to a dynasty of dwarvish kings, some millenia ago.
It is currently in the posessions of Yod Ironbeard, king of Thunderdelve.

The legendary Axe of the Dwarvish Lords is a powerful artifact with the sharpest of axe-heads on one side and a hammerhead on the other. Forged by the dwarven lords of old, this item is a fearsome weapon with several other powers and properties:

  • +5 weapon, can be thrown and will return at double the ranges of a hammer of thunderbolts
  • must have 20+ STR to wield properly in battle
  • all special powers will only function for dwarven heroes (warriors of level 9 or greater)
  • if possessed by a non-dwarf, the axe will eventually transform its owner into a dwarf
  • owner will never get lost while underground, and will always know depth, direction, etc.
  • can summon earth elemental king, 1/week (this being's reaction will not necessarily be friendly)
  • detects orcs, goblins, kobolds (approximate number and distance) within one mile
  • owner of the axe can never carry or use any other enchanted weapon