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Langara, at the moment. It's the third college I've attended thus far...
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The evolution of racial bias in modern Musical Theatre
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Woah, I haven't updated this crap in a loooong time. Damn.

I am female, 19, and live in Vancouver with my boyfriend and our three cats. You can never have enough cats, I say! Our cats are Kali, Logan, and Lucy. I'm well on my way to being a crazy cat lady. Also, I like dogs. And horses. And other animals. I like animals better than people, by far. That is why I am doing my degree in animal stuff. So that I can spend all my time around animals, and not people. woo!

I used to go to school for music. I got partway through a degree in opera, and realized that instead, maybe I'd do something useful with my life. Also, as a general rule, music people are often even worse than regular people.

I spend most of my free time playing video games. I love video games. So much, in fact, that I spent the majority of my government-appointed school money on game consoles and stuff a couple years ago. I was hungry, but I had an Xbox, PS2, Game Cube, and 2 computers, damnit! I also like to read. I don't have cable, and don't particularly like television, but I like to illegally download CSI episodes and watch them. CSI is excellent. But not CSI:Miami. That's just stupid.

I'm done now.