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Cast of Thousands was my very first novel for National Novel-Writing Month. It's a coming-of-age story about a girl growing up in sunny Davis, California with two moms, one gassy cat, and a growing sense that she is different - but is she just different from her younger self, or from all her peers?

Core Cast of Characters

Jessica: Twelve years old, running around with long hair flying and often-skinned knees bared. An aspiring zine author who once wanted to be a goldfish when she grew up.

Mom: Jessica's "one mom," Joyce - a practical and relaxed woman who has the comfortable habit of never worrying about trivialties like grape juice stains on the carpet. Refinishes and builds "fancy furniture."

Moms: Jessica's other mom, and a cascade of characters herself:

    Dorian: One of the Moms, a laid-back and funny woman.

    Gail: Jess' practical and loving older sister.

    Jack: Jess' uncle, an affable and welcoming man who taught her how to ride a bike.

    Kelly: Another mom, involved with Jess' Girl Scout Troop. A bit of a worrier.

    Kitten: Jess' bouncy, sparkly little sister and best friend, at least when she was younger.

    Tommy: A shy but friendly four year old who loves firetrucks...

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