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Cream of the Cool

It popped up as I was hunting for a Wilder-Fury stream.

Got Flo’s? Got Jakes?
Ask for Junebug.
Bonafide Spoon Gazer.

I didn’t know what those words meant, but I asked for Junebug.

“Got Jakes?” She enquired.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“Got signs?”

“The ad said ask for Junebug.”

“Then you’re in luck. Initial consultation is half price.…

"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody's around to hear it, does it still let everyone know it updated its privacy policy?" - Unknown

Writing this was a result of first describing myself in a message to another noder as "a tree hugger", then seeing this node title and finding that it was a twenty year old nodeshell.

My tree hugging ways are probably to be expected. My parents, from at least the time that I reached puberty, were firmly in that…

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A Recap

Last year was my first year gardening, though unlike many who took it up, it wasn't out of fear of food shortages. I've long loved spicy food and I'm one of those people who puts hot sauce on everything, even toast. I enjoy sampling as many different flavors as I can find but I longed to try something beyond the basic three options of banana,…

The Movie

Marijuana is referred to as "Mary Jane," "pot," "weed," or "tea." They never say to each other, "let's smoke a marijuana cigarette." They say, "Let's 'turn on,' or "let's blast a 'joint.'"
--Police Commissioner Burroughs / Narrator (Ned Wever)

The year 1958 saw the release of this flipsville tale of a stranger who shakes things up at a high school of hep-talking teens in a town with a hidden drug menace. We're…