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Cream of the Cool

The best sort of game to play as a kid is the outside game.

An outside game works like this:

  1. Pick which game you’re going to play, e.g. “Ninja Turtles” or “Power Rangers” or even something original like “In this world there is a portal behind the stage that takes you to another world, which is just like this one but different, and you can be any character you want!

  2. Decide which character

Pre-Columbian contact is the belief that people from the old world, including Europe, Asia or Oceania, reached The Americas before Christopher Columbus, as either explorers, traders, or colonizers. This obviously excludes the Indigenous People of the Americas ("Indians"). The concept of Pre-Columbian contact is in contrast to what was the orthodox theory, which is that proto-Indians moved over the Bering Land Bridge more than 10,000 years ago, and then spread…



In May of 2017, former FBI director Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel to oversee the investigation of Russia’s alleged meddling in the U.S. 2016 elections. Mueller was chosen, in part, because of his reputation for being “a man of great integrity.” 

It was a phrase you heard often in the early days of the investigation. I’m sure it’s true, in a connotative sense; integrity is a sword that cuts both ways. 

Flash Fiction Festival

Magnesium chalk held above a tepid puddle of water. A vintage periscoping camera bulb. The second-story inebriants at Mardi Gras. That perfectly ripe avocado.

Can you time the perfect scene whilst your scene is timed?

Saddle the horse that best catches your fancy,…