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Cream of the Cool

An odd-job (usually, but not always, hyphenated) is what a combination square wishes it could be. Appearing about the same time as the combination square (invented in the late 1870s, patented in 1879), the odd-job (invented circa 1888) is an adjustable try square / T square, and inside miter square, a scribing tool, a depth gauge, a plumb level, and a ruler. It may also include a depth marking scribe and a spirit level.

In structure it is a simple blade and head, like a…

It's not what you think. It's dumber than that.

Currywurst is a traditional and popular fast food offering found in Germany. It is a bratwurst, often cut up, and covered with curry ketchup. Curry ketchup is ketchup with curry powder. It is usually served with french fries and/or bread rolls.

Currywurst was invented (or possibly popularized by) by Herta Heuwer, a food kiosk owner in Berlin; her only claim to fame is the invention (or, possibly, popularization) of the…

"Fat alley cats eat garbage" is a mnemonic device used for learning how to play music on the C clef centered to the third line of the staff, also called the alto clef, which in modern musical performance is most frequently used by performers on viola and mandola. The words of the phrase each represent the pitch, from lowest to highest, of one of the lines on the musical staff, with C being the middle (third) line, F being the lowest line, and G being the highest line.

The mnemonic…

What is it?

Spellslinger and its subsequent novels are a fantasy series by Sebastian de Castell that takes place in the same universe as his Greatcoats series, but on a different continent, and requires no knowledge of the other series to enjoy.

The books in the series are:

    Spellslinger (2017)
    Shadowblack (2017)
    Charmcaster (2017)
    Soulbinder (2018)
    Queenslayer (2019)
    Crownbreaker (2019)

As well as the…