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Cream of the Cool

With an ongoing pandemic, the local increase in cases due to the idiocy of returning University students, the west coast fires, the never-ending chaos that is life on earth, anyway, the current craziness at my place of work, and the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg1, I thought I would post a few recent moments that were pleasant, poetic, or at least entertaining.

1. No, really. When cleaning out and moving desks at work, I found things that had fallen beneath the one…

Trekonomics by Manu Saadia, published in 2016 is about the economic basis of that most optimistic of TV shows, Star Trek. Like its inspiration, the book is also optimistic, although in a more guarded manner. Its 9 chapters (excluding an introduction and conclusion, which were not numbered) posit that the utopia of Star Trek is not only possible, but also sensible and logical. Some of the arguments seem a bit flaky, but that is a side effect of how optimism looks to a cynic.

Chapters 1 to…

This is a story you may not know
And it's banned in pickle town
It's about a peppered pickle
That became a circus clown

Carl Joseph Roberts Oct 2013

It seems reasonable to assume that most readers are aware that fermentation by yeast produces alcohol. Fermentation by lactic acid producing bacteria (of which there are…

“Whe‏n I see the dizz ying fal l by my feet and I fear
A beast, a devil, my own reflection,
And a mass of bodies below, tw isted by force,
Look, there the y fell, and I want to fol low.
But I can’t force my fee t o ff the height
Beca use the ma d