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Cream of the Cool

In which Kevin can't write anything worthy (in his opinion)

Not that I haven't tried, but even my attempts at factuals turn into endless stories, everything else just seems like focused rants or tinfoil-hat nonsense and everything else is pappy drivel or broken-hearted wallowing in self-pity. Seriously, I went through my Drafts and offed too many like that.

But I woke up alive again, which is good, and I'm in a very nice café with a good friend and a lovely cappucchino. The

"Black Mountain Side" is a short instrumental song on Led Zeppelin's first album, and at 2:06, is one of the shortest songs in Led Zeppelin's discography. The song has a simple arrangement of guitar and tabla, and is credited as being written by Jimmy Page.

There is a more complex story behind that: like much of Led Zeppelin's repertoire, this was derived from different sources. There is a traditional folk song entitled "Down by Blackwaterside", which was then

American television crime drama. It aired on NBC for a little less than eight seasons from 1967 to 1975. It starred Raymond Burr as Robert T. Ironside, a paralyzed consultant (and formerly chief of detectives) for the San Francisco Police Department. The program was a production of Burr's Harbour Productions Unlimited in association with Universal Television

Chief Ironside was shot in the spine by a sniper while he was on vacation and was then forced into retirement,

Cheapside is a famous street in London, England, known for its commercial heritage and central role in the city's development from medieval times to the present day.

The name "Cheapside" means "alongside the market," with "cheap" being an archaic word for "market," from Old English ceapan, "to buy." It is thus different from yet etymologically related to the modern English word cheap, meaning "inexpensive," which was originally a shortening of good ceap,