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Cream of the Cool

The witching hour at night. I looked out my door of the caravan park donga and the world was veiled in mist. The familiar made unfamiliar, begging to be explored. I stepped out the door wearing my fuzzy bathrobe and ugg boots as armour against the cold and damp. The grass was green and wet in the caravan park lighting. The world lay asleep and a quiet hush abounded.

The majority of the time, the australian slang word "donga" invokes the image of rows of simple transportable buildings laid out on mine sites, designed to be a place for people to sleep and not much else. Occasionally its meaning is expanded to mean any transportable building (also known as demountable, portable, modular, relocatable, or temporary buildings). A mobile home without wheels or a manufactured house can sometimes be called a donga, but generally the more fancy or…

Tomorrow will be 14 years since my father died but I remember the events as if it just happened. How my brother asked me not to come to the hospital because my youngest son had a cold, how I got a call from my mother saying my Dad was fine, just needed an abdominal ultrasound for pain, how some doctor called at midnight saying she couldn't reach anyone else and that my father wouldn't make it through the night. How my brother, who lived in New Jersey in those days had just gotten back to his apartment,…

a few embers and a wisp of smoke
twirling notes on spiral bars
the first sounds of a flame
orange violins leaping
insectlike among the logs

light breaks free, touching the grass
gingerly woodwind against the face of each bowing blade
swelling symphonic, a melody of the sun cast to earth
drumstrike as a stick snaps,…