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Cream of the Cool

The heavy pressure of the past several days has ebbed, and you're able to go about your business with a lighter heart...And so began my horoscope for today. It continues:

Don't be shy today about expressing your self. You'll feel better if you do. Speaking of feeling better, it would be a good idea to pay more attention to your body and start some healthier habits, too.


Latin, "little conclusion," a clausula is a poetic and rhetorical device used by ancient Greek and Roman orators like Cicero and Plato, for several practical and stylistic purposes. Romans did not think of sentences and paragraphs in the way we think of them now, as self-contained syntactic formations clearly separated from one another through the use of punctuation marks, and separated in speech by modulating one's vocal pitch (such as the rising inflection used at the ends of questions, to show

Iron Widow is the debut novel of Chinese-born Canadian writer Xiran Jay Zhao, published in 2021, in the "science fantasy" genre, for adult and young adult readers. Iron Widow follows the ascent to power of a fictionalised version of Wu Zetian, China's only female emperor, in a setting where giant robots are used to combat gigantic otherworldly monsters called hunduns.

In Zetian's world, women are treated as chattel to men, and

NPC streaming is a relatively new form of livestreaming, carried out on platforms like Twitch, Kick, or TikTok, in which a real human behaves in a manner analogous to an NPC ("Non-player character") in a video game, performing a series of repetitive actions or phrases based on commands issued by viewers (which generally are associated with a monetary cost paid or tipped to the streamer).

In general, NPC streamers tend to be attractive women wearing