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Cream of the Cool

Secret Origins: Another Summer Festival?

A week or so ago, I walked through the downtown park that hosts most of the summer festivals for which London, Ontario, has become noted. Sunfest, Children's Festival, Home County Folk Fest (alas, a casualty of COVID, killed after 50 years, though perhaps ready to return to life in '25), Ribfest, Bluesfest... I've lost track, and felt surprise when I saw a gathering of food trucks and some minor banners as I neared the park's

"I came, I saw, and God won."

- Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, paraphrasing Julius Caesar in describing
his overwhelming victory at against the Protestants at the Battle of Mühlberg, April 1547.

"Sangallo...has departed from the truth. That this is so, anyone with an unimpassioned eye can see....Sangallo...takes away all the light...leaving so many dark, lurking places above and below that they

"The x day of July...ther ded in London mony marchants and grett ryche men and women, and yonge men and old, of the new swett."

- From the diary of English merchant Henry Machyn,
recording the arrival of the English Sweating Sickness in London, July 1551.

"Both victor and vanquished
are but drops of dew -
but bolts of lightning –
thus should we view the world.

“This is the weapon of a true OG. Not as clumsy or random as a spliff; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”
― Obi Wan Kenobi

The blunt is the lightsaber of cannabis smoking. To master blunts is to master two herbs, cannabis and also tobacco, and therefore to have developed a fine taste for the mixing of two broad and subtle palates that overlap only in strange places. This is not to say one must be a master to enjoy the art of the blunt, only to frame for those