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Cream of the Cool

Covid-19 is an emerging infection that we are learning more about by the day. It's not something that is going to go away, and some things may permanently change because of it. 

I'm an ER nurse, so I've seen this first hand. It's a bizarre disease. It can affect the lungs, heart, kidneys,  digestive tract, brain, skin and other organs.  New presentations are popping up daily.

At this time, although most kids don't seem to be too badly affected (although quite a few have died), the…

The following story involves amphetamines, guns, white supremacists living in the hood, and chocolate cake.

One of the moms at my kid's birthday party was a property sleuth, the person developers like to hire in case that Craigslist deal turns out to be a superfund site, and as we swapped stories about The Worst Section 8 Houses Ever she mentioned an address I recognized. Well, not so much an address as a field filled with cars on blocks.

Ten years ago we'd found three people…

There has to be a story behind this. I don't know the story, so I will tell you what I can observe.

Lofi hip hop radio is a channel on YouTube featuring a mix of mostly insturmental hip-hop music. Being a YouTube channel, it also has a video:a loop of around ten seconds, showing a young woman studying, taking notes in a book while her cat sits in the background, its tail swishing. She is wearing headphones, perhaps to suggest that she is listening to the same music as we are.

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