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1 artificial emotions (essay) Wntrmute writeup
2 Artificial Intelligence (idea) durendal writeup
3 Artificial Intelligence meets Natural Stupidity   e2node
4 building the digital human   e2node
5 Coherentism   e2node
6 Cybernetic theory and homeostasis   e2node
7 error backpropagation (idea) edibleplastic writeup
8 expert system   e2node
9 identification tree   e2node
10 Limitations on Artificial Intelligence   e2node
11 posthumanity   e2node
12 Symbolic and Connectionist approaches to cognition   e2node
13 The failure of artificial intelligence   e2node
14 The Frame Problem   e2node
15 universe simulator   e2node
16 What do you need to transfer to say you have transferred your mind?   e2node