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New players always welcome!

All games are now being conducted via usergroup discussions. This is because the messaging system sucks and trying to play using just /msg results in a magnificently retarded amount of messages over the course of a single day. A link to the current game will be placed above this message for the convienence of the players.

It is possible to mass-send a single private message. The syntax looks like:
/msg{noderA noderB noderC ...} messageText
Note that there is no space between "/msg" and "{"! Also, you may experience some weirdness with the (r)eply button, since this function is not exactly the most robust tool ever. If you are Mafia or Masons, feel free to make use of any other communication tools at your disposal.

General Etiquette:

  • If you are killed, please do not blab everything you've figured out to any other players. You're dead, after all, and dead men tell no tales.
  • Please do not directly quote any private communication from the GM without explicit permission to do so. The purpose of the game is to rely on your wits and actions to prevent death, without taking recourse to a technically non-game entity.
  • Please keep all game discussion to public areas. The only exception to this rule is if you are a member of the Mafia or the Masons, in which case you are allowed to consult each other in private, regardless of which phase the game is in.
  • If you disagree with the GM about in-game information, please take it up with the GM directly, so as not to spoil the game for anyone else. Do not let this discourage you from contacting the GM at all, of course! Keep in mind that running a Mafia game is a bit more work than playing it, and complaining about legal game actions will not do much more besides annoy.
  • We have our own chatterbox room at The Speakeasy so we don't clutter up the regular chatterbox. Unless everyone is confirmed as present, please avoid using that room for anything besides game-related questions ("How is Mafia kilt") and recruitment. There is no archiving for that room, which means that anyone not in attendance will miss vital game discussion! If part of a game IS conducted in there, someone should be chosen to record and then post the chatlog for future reference.

Vanilla Rules

These rules should be considered "core" or default. Any variant rules override the rules listed here. All variant rules will be summed up in the master post of the game discussion thread.

Basic Order of Play:

  1. Roles are determined (usually randomly) and handed out secretly by the Game Moderator (GM).
  2. Once each player has been notified of their role in private, the game enters the Day phase.
  3. During the Day phase:
    • Players may speak in public.
    • Votes are cast to choose which town member will be lynched.
    • Day powers may be used by sending a private message to the GM, unless the power specifies otherwise.
  4. As soon as a majority vote is reached, the Day phase ends and the player with the most votes is lynched. His role and alignment are revealed to the rest of the players. Play shifts to the Night phase.
  5. During the Night phase:
    • No one may speak in public. Mafia and Masons may conduct private communication.
    • The Mafia chooses a player to kill, and a spokesman for the group submits his choice to the GM.
    • Night powers may be used by sending a private message to the GM.
  6. Once the GM receives the Mafia's choice and all available Night actions are taken, the GM reveals the dead player(s) and play cycles back to the Day phase. The game continues in this way until one of the winning conditions is met.
  7. To cast your vote, you must emphasize it in the body of your post, like so:
    ## vote GhettoAardvark ##
    This way, the GM does not miss your vote when he's trying to read a bajillion posts and count everything up. (Helpful copy and paste! <strong>## vote PLAYER ##</strong> )
  8. You may abstain from voting, or even submit a "No Kill" vote. If you abstain, your vote is not counted towards any total, nor does it reduce the number of total votes required for a majority in any direction. (That is, if five votes are needed to lynch, and three people abstain, the new majority vote does not become two.) If a majority of No Kill votes are obtained, then the phase will end immediately as if it was a regular lynch vote.
  9. Each phase lasts no more than 48 hours. If a majority lynch vote cannot be obtained or the Mafia fails to submit a kill, it will be called a stalemate and no one will be lynched/killed. Play will continue to the next phase.
  10. If you forget to use your power before the deadline, tough break. Make sure you remember for next phase!

Win Conditions:

  1. If the Mafia kill enough Townies that the Mafia make up at least 50% or more of the living population, they gain control of the Town and win.
  2. If the Townies successfully eliminate all non-Town factions (Mafia, Serial Killer, etc) they win.


  • If any actions taken during a phase would conflict with each other, they will be assumed to have taken place simultaneously, or will always succeed unless blocked. For example, if a Serial Killer and a Vigilante have chosen each other as their targets, both players will be killed. Likewise, if the Vigilante had chosen a third player as his target, both the Vigilante and the third player will be killed. Generally, killing a player will not prevent another player's death during the same phase.
  • Any player may claim any role at any time, regardless of anything. Yes, you can claim a role you don't own. Yes, you can claim a role that's not in the game. Yes, you can claim a role that you just made up.
  • If you repeatedly fail to submit a vote/participate in the game, the GM reserves the right to kill you so we don't have to wait for you each time. This is obviously open to negotiation and hopefully will not have to be exercised.
  • The Mafia and the Masons may always speak in private, regardless of game phase. If you are not a member of either group, please refrain from private communication with other players regarding the game.
  • If any player would like to become a GM for the next game, let me know!


  • hammer (vote)
    The hammer vote is the last vote submitted in the Day phase that tips one side into a majority. To put it another way, if voting is tied between Fred and Larry, and Gwen votes to lynch Fred (causing a majority), Gwen's vote would be the hammer.

  • lynch
    To kill a member of the town by public vote.

  • 'oh my god you suck' (aka OMGUS)
    Shorthand to indicate an accusation that one player is voting against another simply because they were voted against. For example, if Fred votes against Larry, and Larry immediately votes for Fred, Larry would be accused of OMGUS voting.

  • roleclaim
    A roleclaim occurs when a player publicly admits to being a certain Role (Cop, Doctor, etc.) or alignment (Townie, Mafia, etc.) This does not have to be a true statement.

  • scum
    A member of the Mafia or other adversarial team.

  • tell
    To give away your position by "accidentally" revealing information or by using a specific quirk, as in poker. It's entirely possible to exploit this across multiple games.

  • 'wine in front of me' (aka WIFOM)
    see: The Princess Bride
    A WIFOM situation occurs when there are two apparently equal choices presented to a player, one of them leading to a wrong conclusion. The player(s) then drop into recursive reasoning and end up in a deadlock. See here for more information.

Vanilla Roles:

  • Bodyguard:
    The Bodyguard may select one player to protect per night as per the Doctor power, but may not select himself. If his protected player is targeted, the assassination attempt fails, but if the Bodyguard himself is targeted, then the player that he was protecting learns the role and name of the assassin, and the Bodyguard dies. The Bodyguard is on the Town's side.

  • Cop:
    During the Night phase, the Cop may Investigate any of the other players by submitting their name to the GM. The GM will then reveal the true role of that player to the Cop. The Cop is on the Town's side.

  • Doctor:
    During the Night phase, the Doctor submits the name of another player to the GM. That player is considered immune to any attacks during that Night phase. The Doctor is on the Town's side, and is allowed to select himself.

  • Godfather:
    The Godfather is considered the head of the Mafia team. This may simply entail being the one responsible for sending kill confirmations to the GM, but may also be granted other powers, such as returning innocent on investigations ("He's the most upstanding person in town!") or being immune to night kills. Obviously, he is on the side of the Mafia.

  • Masons:
    The Masons are a small group of Townies who know each other's true role and name. They are allowed to speak to each other during the Night phase, and are on the Town's side.

  • Outsider:
    The Outsider (aka Miller) is a regular Townie characterized as being from out-of-town, and viewed with suspicion by other Townies. He shows up as "guilty" on any role investigations, but is actually on the Town's side.

  • Roleblocker:
    (aka Prostitute) During the Night phase, the Roleblocker may prevent one other player from exercising a Role power, if any. He is on the Town's side.

  • Serial Killer:
    Much like the Vigilante, the Serial Killer may kill any one player during each Night phase. However, he is considered to be on his own team, and thus does not win the game unless all other players are dead.

  • Siblings:
    The Siblings are a pair of players, usually (though not always) with opposite alignments, who have a special condition: if either one of them is killed, the other will commit suicide on the next night. If they do not know each other's alignments, they are called "Lovers". They MAY talk at night.

  • Tracker/Watcher:
    The Tracker and Watcher are two very similar roles: the Tracker may target any player during the night phase to learn who, if anyone, that player targeted. The Watcher may target any player to find out who that player was targeted by. Neither role learns what action was performed. Both roles are on the Town side.

  • Traitor:
    The Traitor is like a regular Townie, except that he both knows who is in the Mafia and is considered part of their team. However, the Mafia does NOT know who he is, and he appears to be innocent to any investigations, like those from Cops. The Traitor uses his vote to try and keep the Mafia from getting lynched. In some variations, the Mafia may choose at any time to convert a Traitor into the Mafia; in that case, he is allowed to talk to the Mafia at night, but starts appearing guilty to any investigations.

  • Vigilante:
    During the Night phase, the Vigilante may kill any other player by submitting their name to the GM. The Vigilante is on the Town's side.

Observations from past games:

  • Please don't screw with the duration of the phases unless you have a really good reason. 48 hours is just enough time for players in all time zones to say their piece and get their vote in without worrying too much about meatspace concerns interfering with the deadline.
  • The following pieces of info should be top, front, and center in the master discussion post:
    1. The current phase
    2. The date that the current phase will end
    3. The time that the current phase will end
    4. The last time that the post was edited (optional)
    5. The current GM
  • We rely on the honor system. Please don't be a douche and edit your posts retroactively, i.e. change your claims after a phase has ended or change a statement to support a lie made later on. If caught you will be killed out of the game and dropped from the group immediately. I reserve the right to mercilessly humiliate you in the catbox afterward.
  • In order to play, you will need to log in at least once every 48 hours and read anywhere from three to twelve or more posts/messages. This is just how the game goes; it's not something we can do a lot about. (We've tried.)
  • Personal emergencies happen! Everyone is willing to be flexible. However, asking to play and then not voting or paying any attention is pretty dumb. Please don't do it! It wastes everyone's time.
  • If you're writing narrative to go with the posts (not required, by the way), don't bother including hints in the text unless you hate yourself and want to mess up the game. It's easier to just keep it clean and amusing.

Variant Ideas:

  • Multiple Mafia families
  • Themes! Indiana Jones, or Pirates vs Ninjas, or Dr. Who, or Renaissance-era Florence, or Colonial America, or 2140 AD, or...

Past Games:

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