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This document is not current, and is kept only for archival purposes. Please refer to Everything2 Help for all up-do-date help documents.

E2, as you may have noticed, is an English only website. The reasons for this are legion and though we hope one day to include several other languages, we are not anywhere near that day yet.

If there is a poem or significant text that you would like to post in a non-English language then we ask that you include an English translation. Examples of this can be found at Femmes Damnées - Delphine et Hippolyte, Inferno - Canto I, Ave Maris Stella, etc. Keep in mind that copyright on translations is handled separately from that on the source texts and where appropriate you should get permission before posting them here, and give credit to the translators. If you translate things yourself, you would be well advised to seek help from native speakers of whichever language is not your own, particularly if you are translating into a language other than your own. See E2 translators for some people who may be willing to help.

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