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Copyright Compliance Help Offered

The Content Salvage Team (CST) is pleased to announce that they are back in business and ready to assist E2 authors with copyright compliance issues. The CST offers the following services:

Reviews. The CST will provide quick and authoritative reviews of existing or draft writeups for compliance with the E2 copyright policy.

Referrals. The CST will assist in matching up non-compliant writeups that have been abandoned with aspiring E2 authors willing to rescue them.

Advice. The CST has developed a certain expertise in the application of the E2 copyright policy through significant hands on experience applying it to a wide variety of writeups. This experience is a resource that can be tapped by the E2 community and the CST intends to respond to copyright-related questions from any source.

Please see the Content_Salvage homenode for more details or msg the Content_Salvage user with questions.

We're here for you,