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  • Create a seventy plus minute mix of popular or unpopular music that most any listener would recognize. The tunes don't have to be big radio hits: we hear music all the time, peripherally, that we recognize and enjoy because we've heard it a hundred times.
  • Create new mixes of old songs with either vocal or musical elements to make mix not boring.
  • Create a mix of fluid tone and atmosphere based on recognizable songs that will ensure repeat listens and much social fame (yeah).
  • Supermarket songs (this week in the store i've heard Billy Joel, Talking Heads, Blondie, and Moby)
  • non singles from popular albums (Weezer's Only in Dreams, Beastie Boys' Sabrosa, Morcheeba's Friction, etc etc etc)
  • film scores
  • drastic remixes (Pulp's Common People w/ Cash's Ring of Fire)
  • the always entertaining frightening covers (Amos' Smells Like Teen Spirit, Vicious' My Way)
  • classics from another era (Jimmy Smith, Louis Prima, The JB's)
  • edit songs for clever transitions
  • more?
I'll be scouring allmusic.com and mining the superdriveway and probably used record stores, see what I can find cheap. As always, plug any ideas you have in.