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"every cigarette you smoke takes six minutes off your life. or fifteen, if you count the time it takes to smoke it."
--old das bistro proverb

on the breakdown: (for when you're drinking the company's coffee on company time. or whatnot.)
serving size: 9m 34s
ingredients: bentley rhythm ace, calexico, esquivel!, the english beat, miller lite, a tribe called quest, soul coughing, better off dead, galaxie 500, giant sand, pulp, animal house, reservoir dogs, the jon spencer blues explosion, true grit, tom waits, lambchop, ozomatli, otis redding, the big lebowski, lenny bruce, a million drum loops, 5 cigarettes, 2 gee enn tees, 400 flavors of gelatin, one egg and ham english muffin sammich.
side effects include irritablity, memory loss, dutch elm disease, and extreme funkiness.

"stuff music"