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6pm- So much for Tuesday.

It's not a glamorous hour. It won't change your life. But the times without expectation provide the most opportunity- opportunity to pack a playlist for the evening and watch the catholics on their pilgrimage across the blustery parking lot. The sparrows flock and the crows complain and shake the trees. I can't see spring.
On Tuesday you still can't see the end of the week and so you've got to believe there is still plenty of time to get your shit together. Don't get so riled up, and don't expect any miracles. Miracles only come on Sundays.

Essex Green- Fabulous Day
Better Carter- Open the Door
Caetano Veloso- Cucurrucucu Paloma
Charlie Hunter & Mos Def- Street Sounds
Les Negresses Vertes- Face a la Mer
Ben Kweller- Sha sha
Bauhaus- Kingdom Come
Angelo Badalamenti- Llorando
Beta Band- Gone
Air- Le soleil est pres de moi
Yo la Tengo- Be Thankful for What You've Got
Nick Drake- Place to Be
Smog- Bloodflow
Essex Green- Mrs. Bean
Mathew Herbert- Foriegn Bodies

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