You cannot go into M-Noder Washroom, I'm sorry.

(whoosh of toilet flushing, oh so gently)

"Sir, would you like a hot towel for your hands or neck?"

M-Noder: Thank you Jeeves, yes please.

"There you go sir, is there anyplace that I can preprogram the M-Noder Executive Elevator for you?"

M-Noder: The Acolyte Observation Deck, please. I do so enjoy watching the little Junior Noders scurrying around, noding and voting, until they can get "cool writeup" powers... *chuckle*

*modest chuckle* "Very good, sir."

(whoosh of elevator, rising stealthily at 400mph)

"The elevator is here for you sir."

M-Noder: Thank you, Jeeves. (plunks 10 GP in a china bowl next to Jeeves)

"Thank you, sir!"

(go outside)