You have fallen into the loving arms of the E2 Source Code Formatter. Just paste your source code into the box and click the "Reformat" button, and all your dreams will come true. If you don't know (or don't care) what source code is, you won't find this thing useful at all.

The "Reformat" button replaces angle brackets, square brackets, and ampersands with appropriate HTML character entities. "DEformat" changes them back again.

Because users' screen resolutions vary, we strongly urge you to keep your code <= 80 columns in width so that it doesn't mess with E2's page formatting. If the lines are far too wide, a god may feel compelled to fix the thing -- and most of our gods are not programmers. To that end, we also strongly encourage you to use spaces instead of tabs: Most browsers display tabs as eight spaces, which increases the line width for no good reason since you probably only want four-space tabs anyway. Even if you don't, you should. Don't start me on about where the braces go.

These operations are performed on the entire string, so you'll want to paste in only the actual source code part of your writeup. You'll need to supply your own <pre> tags as well. I fussed around with making it <pre>-aware, but that got painful.

Other E2 Formatting Utilities:
Wharfinger's Linebreaker: For formatting poetry and lyrics.

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