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  • Hate-Love it! (new)

    by A2S3

    How should we change the E2 user interface?

  • Poll of Polls (new)

    by Everyone2

    If you have to ask, ...

  • Wary of Adults (new)

    by lizardinlaw

    At what age did you learn to be wary of adults?

  • Hypotheticals for a popular future that might never happen (new)

    by andycyca

    If tomorrow E2 were to have hundreds and hundreds of new users, would you contribute to a hypothetical mentorship program?

  • A new era of patronage (new)

    by andycyca

    Do you use sites/services of creator patronship? (e.g. Patreon, ko-fi, BMAC, etc)

  • They say you never forget your first (current)

    by go ahead I'll listen

    Are you still in touch with the person you lost your virginity to?

  • Did you know❓❓❓ (new)

    by andycyca

    Lots of sites now support Emojis as part of Unicode. One such site is E2. Which of these best refleects your reaction to this?