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The following is a list of stylesheets for the zen theme in order of popularity. You can find additional zen themes on The Catwalk.

You can also customise your stylesheet at the style defacer or create a whole new stylesheet at the draughty atelier.

Stylesheet Name Author Number of Users 
Kernel Blue sam512 [default]  
Bookwormier ascorbic 21  
jukka emulation archiewood 18  
dim jukka emulation archiewood 9  
Responsive2 in10se 6  
SharQ's Sharktank SharQ 6  
mikoyan25 flipped archiewood 4  
Low eye-strain BlackPawn 4  
Warm understatement DonJaime 3  
Skeleton stylesheet Oolong 3  
Deep Ice The Custodian 3  
Bare Understatement DonJaime 2  
kohl sam512 2  
Simplicity DonJaime 2  
Gunpowder Green GunpowderGreen 2  
default zen stylesheet ascorbic 2  
slate Two Sheds 2  
Groovy WaldemarExkul 1  
mikoyan25 light archiewood 1  
Cool understatement DonJaime 1  
Blue Steel Swap 1  
mikoyan25 archiewood 1  
nearly default zen not by ascorbic cryforhelp 1  
Zen512 sam512 1  
Colonel Ultramarine resiak 1  
Scroller Derby WaldemarExkul 1  
The stylesheet has you BlackPawn 1  
maxClimb_zenTheme maxClimb 1  
bookwormier, sinister ascorbic 1  
K14 vandewal 1  

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