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le2rati: a usergroup of students, writers, and thinkers organized for the purpose of sharing ideas about literature in general, the literature of e2 more specifically, and perhaps someday even developing a defined idea as to what constitutes literature, both within e2 and without it, in addition to adding and overseeing literature contributions to the database.

Venerable members of this group:

nocodeforparanoia, diotina, etouffee, Jurph, AudieMcCall, Scriblerus, Siobhan, gnarl, Evaline, darl, ToasterLeavings, feetlips, litcritter, izubachi, Demeter, Andrew Aguecheek, LeoDV, tinymurmur, yclept, Helen4Morrissey, BROCKEN, joes3029, ceylonbreakfast, TerribleAspect, equistate, dragon rage, Beanie127, lucychili, Mathlete
This group of 29 members is led by nocodeforparanoia