I went back in time yesterday.   I do that occasionally.   It helps me keep perspective and, to be honest,  allows me to make a few wagers which doesn't hurt anyone at all, right? 


So,  there I am,  speaking to my 15 year old self,  who as you can imagine,  is not the most open minded of kids.  He has a whole big list of wants and needs and is a bit weary,  he says,  of me dropping in occasionally to tell him how friggin awesome the future is and how NO,  he cannot go there with me.   Like that would be a good idea.  


So,  the thing is-- he wants a gift-  a token- something to prove I am in fact from the future.  A jet pack.  Nope, don't have them.  Still.  Damn.   A car that is both fast and cheap and can shrink to fit in his pocket.  Also not real.  Yet.   Elon Musk, I'm looking at you


I did bring him a sandwich.  One of those nice foot longs from Subway.   No,  it is not magical,  but he liked it.   I always say You do what you can. 













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