Tin can manufacturers have standardized the sizes over the years in order to improve efficiency with mechanization. Your typical Campbell's soup can is a #2, for example. 

The #10 tin is used for bulk purchases procured by restaurants and food retailers. These large tin cans hold about 109 fluid ounces of contents. You can find these large cans of food in your grocery store in the bulk food section or at places like Sam's Club or Costco. While one may be hard pressed to actually use a giant can of ketchup to refill their plastic squeeze bottles in their home refrigerator, it is a method to save on costs. I normally buy #10 tins of vegetables and use them when making large vats of chili, stew, or even stir-fry.

There is a misconception that a #10 will hold ten pounds of contents and a #2 will hold two pounds. The weight of the contents is independent of the volume the container can hold. 

Turning away from foodstuffs, if a loved one who has passed on is cremated and will be buried in a plot, many crematoriums place the ashes in a sealed #10 tin and deliver them for final commitment.

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