Åkesoft is an unoffical programming company, which is very positively perverted! Their graphics quality indicates it could be drawn by buch of three-year old, and the games are usually extremely simple. Åkesoft productions are Kehkeytyksen Riemulähteet (an interactive RPG), Iltapanomat (a disc newspaper with total bullshit), Jorma-Kaapelin Kauneimmat Sadut (Jorma Kaapeli's most beautifull stories, incredibly long file of EXTREME BULLSHIT!), The Last Animal Action Hero (a game of yanking), Raitan Heponen (demo of a horse),Bepa quest (gay simulation), Kuallu (orbituary generator), and Invataxi (simulation of transporting invalids).

Åkesoft products are crankshaftware, which means that they must (or should, dont take it too seriously!) be registered before running them even once. The readme says: 1) Take paper, pen, and crayons. 2) color the image carefully 3) draw on the paper with your LEFT hand your idea of manly equipment. 4) Write imaginary name and age, for example "Pekka 5y". 5) Write on the other side of the paper abstract explanation of the picture, preferably moral one, for example "Grandmother chopping firewood by a field" 6) If you want, you may mention Åkesoft in your rearside text somehow. 7) Put the picture in an evenlope, and send it with a stamp to the following adress: Pelit-lehden toimitus / PL 64 / 00381 Helsinki

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