Born in 1801: Died in 1801: Events of 1801:
  • There are all sorts of partisan political shenanigans surrounding the fiasco surrounding the Presidential election of 1800:
  • Europe calms down for a while:
    • (January 1) The Act of Union forcing Ireland to be part of the United Kingdom takes effect.
    • (February 9) In the wake of the Battle of Marengo, the French army under Napoleon Bonaparte is poised to enter Austria. Austria cedes all of its territory in Northern Italy to France with the Treaty of Luneville.
    • (March 17) George III refuses to allow the social and economic reforms in Ireland suggested by Prime Minister William Pitt in the wake of the Act of Union.  George so dislikes the idea of Catholic emancipation so much that he and Henry Addington force Pitt to resign.  Addington becomes Prime Minister.
    • (April 2) Horatio Nelson disobeys his orders and destroys the Danish fleet at Copenhagen.
    • (June 18) The French army in Egypt surrenders to British and Ottoman forces. The Rosetta Stone goes to the British Museum.
    • (July 15) Napoleon and the Catholic Church reconcile with a Concordat re-establishing the Church in France, under control of the French government.
    • (October 1) Preliminaries to a peace treaty between France and Great Britain are signed in London.
  • (January 26) Toussaint L'Ouverture invades and conquers the Spanish-controlled eastern half of Hispaniola,
  • (March) Napoleon appoints Toussaint captain-general of Hispaniola.

1800 - 1801 - 1802

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