"I believe [slavery] to be a great political and a great moral evil. I thank God, my lot has been cast in a State where it does not exist. But, while I entertain these opinions, I know it is an evil at present without a remedy. It has been a curse entailed upon us by that nation which now makes us a subject of reproach to our institutions. It is, however, one of those moral evils, from which it is impossible for us to escape, without the introduction of evils infinitely greater. There are portions of this Union, in which, if you emancipate your slaves, they will become masters. There can be no middle course. Is there any man in this Union who could, for a moment, indulge in the horrible idea of abolishing slavery by the massacre of the high- minded, and the chivalrous race of men in the South?"

- James Buchanan, 1826

"For ladies to meet, to publish, to go from house to house stirring up petitions - these appear to me proceedings unsuited to the female character as delineated in Scripture. I fear its tendency would be to mix them in all the multiform warfare of political life."

- William Wilberforce, vexed with female participation the Anti-Slavery Society, of which he is a member.

Born in 1826:

Died in 1826:

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  • West Point administrators decree that the cadets' Christmas eggnog will be alcohol-free. Several (mostly Southern) cadets smuggle in some whiskey to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, their celebration deteriorates into a riot. Although Robert E. Lee stays out of the whole situation, a young Jefferson Davis serves as the lookout and is confined to quarters.
  • The Cherokee New Phoenix is the first Native American newspapaer.
  • While supposedly in the midst of preparing himself to receive the golden tablets from the Angel Moroni, Joseph Smith is hauled into court and convicted of fraudulently claiming to be able to find hidden treasure.
  • London University is founded.

1825 - 1826 - 1827

How They Were Made - 19th Century

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