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This red wine was something of a surprise. I had previously tried this winery's Columbia Valley Merlot, which I found to be very well made if a little too fruity for my taste. I figured I'd give them another chance, as I was in the mood for a Cabernet Sauvignon and this wine was on sale.

The problem with most young Cabernets is that they're thick with tannin and are too heavy to drink except alongside the most protein-intensive meals (such as a big, thick steak). This wine is approachable right now, but retains a nice complexity of flavor. An oaky aroma greets you, and the tastes are of a smoky spice and cherry. The finish, if not long, is still quite pleasant. I described this wine to my wife as "meaty," and I think that's a good one-word descriptor. I bought the bottle for about $11, which is a good price for a well-made sippin' Cabernet.

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