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So after a poor experience with a 1997 Cabernet from this Chilean winery, I decided that I should try again. I did a little checking and found this wine, which (for value reasons) was rated a "best buy" by Wine Spectator. I paid only $7 for the bottle, so even if it was dishwater I was likely to be happy.

It was fine, but there was nothing about it that made me jump for joy. The color was a standard middle of the spectrum red, with a super-clear look that made me think the wine was filtered--not a strike against it, as many wineries these days do it, but it's not something you see in a really good wine. The aroma offered some touches of chocolate and a dash of mint (which I understand is the hallmark of many Cabernets from the Maipo Valley in Chile). The taste was rather flat, with some fruitiness lost in a jumble of alcohol and acidity. No finish to speak of.

So I managed to be somewhat disappointed, but not really upset. I'm moving on to Australia, I think, as I look for good wine values.

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