By New Hampshire Law, all polling places can open however early they choose, and must close by 7 PM. However, if everyone in the precinct has voted, the polling place may close and report its results.

Traditionally, Dixville Notch, a village on the Canadian Border, opens at midnight, everyone in the village votes, and then they report the results. Tonight, in 2012, was no different. Although I can not find an authoritative source on the Secretary of States page, several media reports have reported the vote in Dixville Notch:
Barack Obama:5
Mitt Romney:5

A tie is apparently a first-time thing in Dixville Notch, and the results are also much poorer than Obama's 2008 showing, was was 16-5. Does this mean that there is a tide against Obama, and the 2012 US Presidential Election will end in a tie?

As further history, New Hampshire has always been Republican-leaning, and rural New Hampshire even more so. Before 2008, the last time it had voted for a Democrat was 1968. As the Republican Party became more culturally conservative, and more affiliated with the South, New England voters started drifting away, leading to the 2008 results.

It could be that the split in Dixville Notch is a sign that the moderate suburban voters that Obama won over in 2008 are drifting away from him, but not fully. Which is the crux of the election, and which will determine the contests later today in Ohio and Virginia. So Dixville notch's tie could be a sign of things to come.

On the other hand, it is 10 people in the middle of the forests of northern New Hampshire, so lets not read too much into it.

Our next tea leaves to stare at will be The 2012 Northern Mariana Islands At-Large Congressional District Election. In a few short hours!

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