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"sake wo nomu, bakuchi wo utsu, onna wo kau"

drink alcohol, gamble, buy women

drink alcohol - Nominication is at the foundation of business life of us salaryman. Nothin' like a jyokki of beer after a hard days work. However, one must remember to pour a drink and be poured one, that's drinking in Japan. You don't get drunk all by yourself. The only time to drink by yourself is a beer after getting out of the ofuro.

gamble - As in mah jong, pachinko, pachisuro, and keiba. But don't forget about keirin or even boat racing.

buy women - No, not buy things for women, but buy so-called "men's entertainment". Be it soapland, fashion health and other types of sex clubs or hostess clubs, places to drink casually in the presence of and enjoy the company of women.

Some say that the 3 pastimes of a salaryman are in fact the 3 worst vices of the salaryman. But if they weren't so popular, would there be so many drinking establishments, places and ways to gamble, or places to get "entertained" by women?

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