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365 Surprising Scientific Facts, Breakthroughs, and Discoveries
by Sharon Bertsch McGrayne

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (1994). 230pp. ISBN 0-471-57712-X.

Packed with the kind of science trivia that isn't only good for the healthy and curious mind, but will make you the most interesting person at a cocktail party. Chinese ducks store most of the world's supply of flu viruses. The most amazing facts about the biggest, fastest, oldest, smallest, newest, coldest, flattest, hottest...and undeniably most amazing plants, animals, places, things, and ideas in the known universe. There is a battery so tiny that 100 fit into a single human red blood cell.

Table of Contents

  1. Engineering and Technology
  2. Medicine, Health, and Nutrition
  3. Ecology and Animal Behavior
  4. Zoology and Animal Physiology
  5. Plant Sciences
  6. Earth Sciences
  7. The Molecules of Life
  8. Chemistry
  9. Astronomy
  10. Physics
  11. Mathematics and Computers
  12. A Final, Interdisciplinary Quiz

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