As predicted, Intel has released the 667 MHZ processor (not recently but...). I have no idea if the actual clock speed of the processor is 667, but, and this is based solely on previous clock speeds, I bet the actual speed is 666. It's sad that they actually paid any attention to this since religion and processor speed really have nothing in common whatsoever. I was so looking forward to buying a 666 MHz processor, but now my dreams have been crushed. I would have decorated my computer (and I still may anyway) with one of those great Evil Inside logos that are availible (they make a T-shirt too). Oh well...

66.6MHz (frontside bus)
*  10 (clock multiplier)
666MHz (clock speed)

Unfortunately, there is no 66.6MHz frontside bus. The closest thing there is is the 66 2/3MHz bus, known colloquially as the 66MHz bus and roughly but more accurately portrayed than the above as 66.6666666666MHz. Thus:

66.6666666666MHz (frontside bus)
*                       10 (clock multiplier)
666.666666666MHz (clock speed)

Also known as 666 2/3MHz. Which is much, much closer to 667 than to 666.

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