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Track 3 from Conduit 4's This Side of Up. Noded with permission.

My indecision causes rapid suppositions
About what happens to me when I'm gone
I hear the voices crying from the dying millions
And I know everything they know is wrong

How much time do I have to change this place
Is it just a countdown to oblivion
Too many people never see, never hear
Yeah they never get to taste
What's going on with this world we're living in

How can I function with this transitivity
I'm barely given time to breathe
We get to 80 if by strength or if we're lucky
Then we know it's time to leave

Falling down on my face
With my hear in another place
Looking for a way to get away from the disgrace
Do you understand what I'm talking about
We shouldn't talk about death like it's something that we'll work out
Too many people die without ever knowing
Or hearing 'bout the place that I know that I'm going
Never be there, never seems fair
Never be there, never seems fair

Will it always be like this
I don't know
At least I have a place that
I know I'll go

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