A metanode joining some nodes to get you started writing C. This won't turn you into a programming genius, but might help you understand some basic code and hopefully get you far enough to write your own Hello world.

Remember, if you really want to learn, I'd suggest getting a good book or enrolling in a class, especially if this is your first time learning a programming language. This is meant to brush up on things or as a reference to people familiar with other languages but unfamiliar with C. Please /msg me if there are any errors, inconsistencies, or unclear areas, or if you'd like to contribute or have found something that might be cool to include here.

The Basics - Syntax & Usage

This will give you the bare bones of the language. Just the syntax, with little instruction on how to use these elements. See Tutorials to learn how to combine these elements to create a useful program.
In progress. The linked chapters are done, the rest are in progress on ye olde hard drive.

  • C: The Real Basics - How to format your programs, how to end statements, how to declare variables, how to make comments.
  • C Operators - Describes the operators & precedence of operators in c
  • C Data Types - Standard data types
  • C Program Flow - Decision structures & loop constructs
  • C: Functions - Describes how to break your program up into functions
  • C Arrays - A simple way to hold many pieces of data which all describe the same things
  • C Structures - A different way to package related pieces of data
  • C: Pointers - References to blocks of memory, useful in creating complex data structures and passing large chunks of data with less overhead.


In progress. When I complete the syntax area I'll get to work on a few tutorials.

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