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"Warning: This is not a good book to hollow out and hide pot in."
A Child's Garden Of Grass, written by Jack S. Margolis and Richard Clorfene and first published by Contact Books in 1969, is the one and only "official handbook for marijuana users." Insightful, head-expanding and hilarious, it covers every aspect of the stoner experience with wit and charm.

"Have you ever thought about that funny little liquor store clerk who sells Zig-Zag papers all day and never sells tobacco? What does he think is going on?"

It provides a broad overview of the topic for open-minded and curious folks who've never touched pot, and simultaneously expounds fine philosophical points and insanely complex smoking methods for the most chronically chronic of chronics.

"While the honey is still warm, add the fried grass and mix it well. The honey completely coats the grass, and when you eat it, it slides right down your throat."

This book covers just about everything -- the "Holy Trinity of Sex, Food and Music", How To Get Out Of A Bum Trip, Pipes Versus Joints, Brownies, Board Games, The Difficulty Of Concealing A Twenty Foot Tall Marijuana Tree, Creativity, Time and Space, and of course the reasons why you might want to contract Harold's Disease. No video games, but hey, it was the sixties.

"Everything is funny. Everything. Your friend's teeth are a riot... you find yourself laughing at people who are not stoned and fail to see what is so amusing. Sometimes they hit you."

On the rare occasions where Dick and Jack's information isn't spot-on, it becomes a trippy, nostalgic peephole into the late sixties grass culture. ("In Los Angeles, grass sells for $10.00 an ounce.") Even for those who've given up on smoking altogether, if you have any interest in the spirit of the age, there is no better time capsule. These words taste of incense, sound of surrealistic pillows, and smell kind of like a mixture of split pea soup and burnt rope.

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