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Darryl stroked his chin as he pondered his next move. He looked across the table at his opponent, assessing his chances of victory. Darryl smiled, assuring himself that he would come out from this battle triumphant. He confidently placed his pieces on the board to spell out "quarrel", putting him in the lead.

Bertha was stricken by momentary fear before she remembered her trump card. He may have been ahead in points now, but he would never finish this game as the winner. Feigning terror, she spelled out "dog". Darryl issued a haughty laugh and sarcastically tallied up the score, issuing verbal jabs to his adversary. Bertha sighed, but she was laughing on the inside. She would wipe that arrogant smirk off of his face soon enough.

Bertha pulled her new game pieces out of the bag and had to struggle to keep a straight face. She had acquired exactly the letters she needed to win. Trying to look as worried as possible, she placed down her game pieces, spelling out "xanthine" with a triple word score. Darryl opened his mouth to accuse her of cheating, but before he could condemn her, they were both devoured by a passing yeti.

The yeti went on to pursue a lucrative career working with the Oracle database program. Sadly, he contracted a rare brain disease several years after devouring the two scrabble players, and currently resides at the Calmville Institute for the Mentally Disabled.

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