I wasn't nervous at all in the waiting lounge. I got fidgety at the fact that was horribly boring. After for what seems like a good hour, my name is finally called. I enter that hospital room that smells like it's been sanatized just before I entered.

Oh, that needle.

The nurse gets one of those bands to tie around my arm so the blood flow is obstructed, causing the vein to be engorged with blood. On the little tray in front of her, the tubes and the vials are waiting to be filled. She rubs that square piece of isopropyl alcohol paper on the sweet spot. At this point, I have a smile on.

I stare at the needle as it shot into my arm. Oooooh, that tingly feeling you can feel all the way to your toes. She got the tube and connected it to the needle. With the opening of that valve, my blood shot through the tube. I couldn't keep myself from laughing. Sure enough, she told me I was her only patient that found blood work as a pleasant experience.

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