The sun rises into the bathroom window. The glow from it must resemble my eyes. I look to Nathan and to Kelly to see if their eyes look like a rising sun. They do. I look back out over the soccer field where Nathan is repeatedly crowned a prince. I watched him play once, I was bored. I also was proud and jealous. But that was about Kelly.

When we ate the tabs last night in the car I was a little nervous. Far away from home and in this strange backward mountain town didn’t seem the safest place to take a ride on my mind. I was right, and it is wonderful. Eight hours later we three are in the men’s bathroom, fourth floor, West Hall, where Nathan and I live. I'm 413, Nathan is 411. We walked into the men’s bath to burn our retinas on the sun. The window I’m looking through is an old one. It has the crank and the lever, and I'd guess the screen has been missing for years. In classic Al movement I open it and crawl onto the ledge, daring the sun to burn my flesh. Suddenly I am vampiric and defiant of the rules of the undead. I feel the sun on skin and wait patiently for the smoldering smell that certainly must follow. But it doesn’t. Instead the rising sun and cool mountain air meet on my arm to engage in a frighteningly orgiastic display of hair and bare skin and fire and water. The feeling begins to flow through my undead veins into organ after organ, I am invincible. The LSD shouts out telling me to fly into the sun, but I simply smile, acid is a fickle bitch, and will turn on you at any moment. Best to ignore this command and climb back down from the window sill.

I climb back down to Nathan and Kelly kissing. His hand is on her ass.

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