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Strangers meet on an ordinary day,
Ordinarily minding their every which way.
Two worlds; opposing directions,
Each of them caught up in abyss reflection.

When the daily rush is ignored,
Their thoughts are explored,
Expressed and confessed,
Whilst the heart protests.

One look at what the stranger noted
And scribbled there my own heart is quoted;
My emotions stolen by a gentle thief
Who transformed them in a symphony of tender grief.

A realization of an emotion beyond any philosophy,
Reading in someone’s life my own autobiography,
I feel lost, awed by our own immensity and complexion.
And through one verse, full comprehension,

Tapping my feet to the beat in the street;
An amplified connection; pure and complete.
Through an inspired script
A true friendship is lipped.

A scribbled tear, a broken wing,
Two poets find themselves in each other’s writing,
And the explosion of nuclear rhyme
Creates a tie ahead of time.

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